Bachelorette Party

Now that you’re all ready to tie the knot, there’s only thing left for you to do as a single woman — throw the best bachelorette party you could imagine! And with all the great attractions the City of Sin offers you, you couldn’t find a better city for your party. Whether you’re planning an intimate night out with the ladies with some great conversations and some advice for the married life, or if you were planning on partying the entire night long, Las Vegas will not let you down. Throw your party in one the city’s glamorous private venues with some super hunk dancer or hop aboard a party bus seeing all the best restaurants, nightclubs and strip clubs in the city. No matter what type of night you have planned, you can’t go wrong with a Las Vegas bachelorette party.

The Hottest Strip Clubs in the Country

Let’s start with the best option first: Las Vegas’s numerous male strip clubs. If you want a wild night full of sexy men and unrelenting debauchery, your best bet is going to a strip club. And Las Vegas has some of the country’s hottest men and the most upscale strip clubs on the planet. For a wide variety of men, the Hunk Mansion should be your go-to place. Scary bad boys, buff athlete types and built urban dancers all dance under the same roof at Hunk Mansion. But if you’re really looking for a wild show, the Hollywood Men is your best bet. At Hollywood Men, not only can you touch the dancers, but you’re encouraged to. So if you want some of your single ladies to have a wild night as well, this is a strip club you can’t pass up.

Truly Stunning Venues and Amazing Private Dancers

While a strip club certainly sets the tone for a sex-fueled wild night out, renting a party venue offers you many benefits you don’t get from a strip club. Not sure if you’ll like the men at Hollywood Men, find your own hunks thanks to the city’s numerous private stripper companies. And with your own venue, there’s no need to pay an arm and a leg for a cocktail, no other women trying to hog your men, and you throw your own personal party for your and your girlfriends. In the end, if you’re looking for hot men, a beautiful location and cheap drinks (aren’t we all?), then booking a private venue is a surefire way to a great Las Vegas bachelorette party.

Five-star Bars and Restaurants

Although some women don’t consider it a proper bachelorette party unless there’s scantly clad men all over them, other women have a different approach to their bachelorette party. With all the five-star restaurants in Las Vegas, you can afford yourself a great night out with your ladies and even earn yourself some great conversation along the way. And best of all, you can even bring mom along if you go with this route. From wild nightclubs and energetic dance floors to upscale bars and restaurants, Las Vegas also offers you a peaceful bachelorette party.

A Las Vegas Bachelorette Party on Wheels

In the end, if you want to see all of Vegas in one move, your only hope is hiring a party bus or limousine. When you do this, there’s no need

to set your sights short on a single strip club or a single restaurant. Book a party bus and see all the city has to offer as you travel from bar to restaurant, from strip club to strip club or from nightclub to bar. To make the most out of you Las Vegas bachelorette party, consider the services of a great party bus or limousine company.

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